Print Portfolio

Please feel free to browse my Portfolio of Print Design.  I am more than happy to create custom designs for any of your printing needs!


St. Maron Church

As a parishioner of St. Maron Church in Cleveland, OH, I was asked to create a logo and put together the Commemorative Ad Book for the 2015 NAM Convention in Cleveland. Over 1,000 attendees received the Commemorative Ad Book. The art that I created was used on all marketing for the event. I have also created other flyers for various church events.


I designed two downloadable, printable Wellness Guides which included health tips and recipes for’s subscribers.

Patra Designs

While working with Patra Designs, I created multiple designs for save-the-dates, wedding invitations, holiday cards, event invitations, and promotional materials to market the company.

Aaliyah Memorial Fund

These Memorial Mass Programs were created for multiple yearly vigils held in memory of the late singer, Aaliyah.

Pointe Blank Solutions/Matrix Pointe Software

While working for Pointe Blank Solutions/Matrix Pointe Software, I created various print advertisements for the company to place in special event programs and fundraisers, as well as banners and flyers to promote various company projects.

Joint Concepts

These are some print advertisements I created for Joint Concepts, while interning in Washington, DC.  Laura Zam was a comedian who was looking for a postcard to promote her performance at a festival, and GreenPets needed a catchy flyer to promote their PetHealth food.

 Skokie Northshore Sculpture Park

This was a completely original promotional package design, from start to finish.  I took the photographs of the statue that I used for this package, and designed a logo and conceptualized promotional materials for the sculpture park.

Music Packages

These were completely original (photography and design) marketing materials of musical groups, using logos, cd designs, and posters.

WWE Cyber Sunday Conceptual Package

I created this conceptual promotional campaign for WWE Cyber Sunday, a yearly Pay-Per-View event. It features a completely original logo design to go along with the campaign that I created.


Arab American Institute

I created the marketing campaign (sent to 25,000+ homes) and materials for for the Arab American Institute’s 2007 National Leadership Conference, ahead of the 2008 Presidential Election. In addition, I created a completely original cover (photo and design) as well as the inside layout for their 2007 Congressional Scorecard, which was also sent to 25,000+ homes.